We Know Coffee

Start your day off right with Bali Coffee Club

Worlds class coffee, grown and roasted in Bali, it is the perfect way to start any day. Bring the energy of Bali into your morning with every cup of Bali Coffee Club.

We Know Coffee

The Story Behind Bali, the Coffee, and the Club

Bali is home to a rich culture and holds a myriad of ways to celebrate it. At Bali Coffee Club, we celebrate the culture surrounding coffee, which permeates through the many islands of Indonesia. From the beautiful land of Bali to your kitchen, wherever it may be, we share a part of our culture direct to you.


Authentical Product


We source coffee from local Indonesian farmers who practice responsible growing techniques.


We roast our coffee in our world-class roastery nestled in the heart of Bali.


Our finished product is packaged and shared out to our club members, locally and around the globe.

Our Popular Coffee

Superior taste from “the island of the gods”

Indonesia has long been considered a prime location for growing coffee. The mountainous regions of the tropics are ideal for raising superb quality beans. Here in Bali, we have two great mountains, both active volcanoes, that rumble with energy from deep within the earth and are surrounded by fertile black volanic soil which is perfect for growing wonderful coffee with a superior taste.

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